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  • Data files and reports from NERC grant NE/L001934/1, Optimizing Road Development for Groundwater Recharge and Retention. 1. Optimizing Intensified Runoff from Roads for Supplemental Irrigation: Tigray Region, Ethiopia MSc Thesis by Meseret Dawit Teweldebrihan 2. Reconnaisance Report: Potentials of water harvesting from road catchments: the case of Freweign-Hawzien-Abreha Weatsbeha route, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia 3. Reconnaissance Report for Water harvesting from roads in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: Practices, Opportunities and Design Considerations 4. Reconnaissance Report Road development and gully erosion in Ethiopia: Towards the design of multifunctional roads to harvest water 5. Where does the water flow? Roads runoff, soil erosion, groundwater, livelihoods and poverty alleviation in Tigray, Ethiopia