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  • Ozone (O3) and nitric oxide (NO) measurements were made using TEI instruments attached to the roof of the FAGE container. The dataset provides O3 and NO mixing ratios (ppbv) at one minute averaging periods. This work was carried out at Halley Station in 2005 as part of the Chemistry of the Antarctic Boundary Layer and the Interface with Snow (CHABLIS) project (2001-2006).

  • The data are from a study investigating nitric oxide (NO) variability in the polar mesosphere and lower thermosphere during geomagnetic storms, and the role of energetic electron precipitation in NO production. The datasets include 1) processed atmospheric datasets derived from selected NO observations by the AIM-SOFIE satellite instrument, 2) estimated electron and proton fluxes derived from POES/MEPED/SEM-2 measurements, 3) zonal and meridional wind speeds calculated using the Horizontal Wind Model (HWM14), and 4) geomagnetic indices, solar wind speed, and solar proton event (SPE) data. Funding was provided by the NERC grants NE/J022187/1 and NE/R016038/1, and the New Zealand Marsden Fund.