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  • The use of synthetic samples for rock physics experiments in the lab is a common practice for reservoir characterization and reservoir studies. This dataset gather ultrasonic P- and S-wave velocities and attenuations, electrical resistivity, axial and radial strains, permeability and mineralogical composition, of two synthetic and two natural sandstones, measured at variable realistic reservoir conditions of stress. The data were collected during an original study which aimed to assess the extent to which the measured properties between synthetic and natural sandstones are comparable. The work was accepted for publication in Geophysical Prospecting on the 01/10/2018, which can be accessed following the link: Falcon-Suarez, I.H., Amalokwu, K., Robert, K., North, L., Best, A.I., Delgado-Martin, J., Callow, B., Sahoo, S.K. (accepted). Comparison of stress dependent geophysical, hydraulic and mechanical properties of synthetic and natural sandstones for reservoir characterisation and monitoring studies. Geophysical Prospecting

  • Data recorded during hydrostatic pressurisation and triaxial rock deformation experiments of Westerly granite and Darley Dale sandstone. Data consists of mechanical data (load, displacement, confining pressure) and pore pressure data (up- and downstream pore pressure, upstream intensifier volume, four pore pressure transducers mounted on sample). Contains all data necessary to evaluate the results presented in the paper entitled: 'Fluid pressure heterogeneity during fluid flow in rocks: New laboratory measurement device and method' by Brantut and Aben, submitted to Geophysical Journal International, and available at arXiv (arXiv:2006.16699).