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  • This dataset contains occurrence records for ten Southern Ocean myctophid fish species that have been downloaded and cleaned from the online biodiversity repository GBIF. As well as providing GBIF documented metadata for each occurrence record, this dataset provides environmental conditions - specifically bathymetry, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and net primary productivity - for each record. Both sea-surface and depth-specific values for the temperature, salinity and oxygen variables are given in separate data files. A third data file of corresponding background points and their associated environmental conditions is also provided. Together these data were used as input files for the MaxEnt ecological niche models within the peer reviewed article: Freer JJ, Tarling GA, Collins MA, Partridge JC, Genner MJ (2020) Estimating circumpolar distributions of lanternfish using 2D and 3D ecological niche models, Marine Ecology Progress Series.

  • This dataset comprises conventional stomachs contents data for the biomass-dominant species of mesopelagic fish, particularly myctophid fish (Family Myctophidae) in the Scotia Sea. The data were collected by depth-discrete RMT25 net trawls deployed between 0-1000 m between the Antarctic Polar Front and the South Orkney Islands. Samples were collected repeatedly at nominal sampling stations during austral autumn 2004, spring 2006, summer 2008 and autumn 2009 for analyses examining the trophodynamics of Southern Ocean mesopelagic fish and their role in the food web. The data are the quantitative measures of diet composition (prey abundance, frequency and mass) observed from microscope analyses of individual fish stomachs per species.