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  • Shapefile map of exposed rock outcrops for the Antarctic continent. The map was produced via a new fully automated methodology for differentiating rock from snow, clouds and sea using Landsat 8 multispectral imagery. Data was merged with the existing Antarctic Digital Database rock outcrop dataset for areas for those areas where Landsat 8 tiles were unavailable (south of 82 deg 40 S).

  • The database contains satellite images of the UK purchased by the BGS or on its behalf by NERC. It includes data from the Lansdat, SPOT, Radarsat and ERS satellites. The images are stored in proprietary format on various types of magnetic media. The data are currently stored by path-row scene numbers and as mosaics on tapes, CDs and drives. Entire UK is covered by the dataset, however, there are gaps in coverage from individual sensors. Coverage exists for countries (or parts of countries) where work has been carried out.