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  • Samples of Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, were collected during the Discovery 2010 cruise aboard the James Clark Ross (JR177). Krill from two areas were used, one from around 60 South from the vicinity of the South Orkney Islands, and the second from north-west of South Georgia at around 52 South. All of the krill were taken by target fishing.

  • Genetic profiling data relating to studies on Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, that document the sequence of expression of genes over the moult cycle and the spatial-temporal expression of clock genes. This work was carried out to examine rhythmic behaviour patterns in this species - namely diel vertical migration and the moult cycle - and the functioning of the genes that underlie these behaviours. Circadian entrainment experiments were carried out twice during the Discovery 2010 summer cruise (cruise no JR177) using krill caught in nets at latitudes of 60S and 52S. Krill samples from each net were processed and preserved for subequent analysis using molecular biology technique to isolate canonical clock genes.