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  • We present extensive new bathymetric compilation over Anvers-Hugo Trough, Perrier Trough and Palmer Deep, here defined by the following bounding box: 66.15 to 64.0 W, 65.25 to 63.6 S. This bathymetry grid was compiled from a variety of different data sources including multibeam swath bathymetry collected from scientific cruises undertaken by British Antarctic Survey (BAS), United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, or acquired during RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer, HMS Protector and RV Maurice Ewing expeditions. The data is available as a 30m resolution grid either in a NetCDF format using WGS84 coordinate system (EPSG: 4326) or in an ESRI ASCII interchange raster format in standard Antarctic polar stereographic coordinates (EPSG 3031). The grid have been created using the MB-system mbgrid program. For further information regarding the creation of this dataset please refer to the associated article and the supplementary information.