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  • Daily concatenated files of ceilometer cloud base height and aerosol profile data from a network of instruments within EUMETNET's E-PROFILE ALC network. These data were produced by the EUMETNET's E-PROFILE processing hub as part of the ceilometer and lidar network operated as part of the by EUMETNET members. This network covers most of Europe with additional sites worldwide. Most datasets are available to registered CEDA users. For those not available to CEDA users application for access to those datasets under restricted access can be made using the links on one of the associated records. All use is made in accordance with the Closed-Use Non-Commercial General Licence. See datasets for further licencing links and for individual dataset citations. EUMETNET is a grouping of 31 European National Meteorological Services that provides a framework to organise co-operative programmes between its Members in the various fields of basic meteorological activities. One such programme is the EUMETNET Profiling Programme: E-PROFILE. See EUMETNET page linked from this record for further details of EUMETNET's activities. Note - the datasets listed on this collection are daily concatenated files produced from single time-step files for each instrument. CEDA holds an older archive of single time-step files (not linked to from the datasets or this collection) which will be aggregated together over time to extend these datasets further back to the start of the E-PROFILE holdings in the CEDA archives. Access to the older single time-step files ahead of their concatenation into daily files can be made via : As these data are processed single time-step files will be removed from the archive. It is not possible to support any requests for data that predates the CEDA holdings nor to back-fill any data gaps.