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  • This award was made as a sailing participant of IODP Expedition 346, an international ocean drilling programme that NERC subscribe to. As such there was a lot of data generated that is owned and kept by IODP and which is freely available at: Published Paper: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 346 Scientific Prospectus - Asian Monsoon Onset and evolution of millennial-scale variability of Asian monsoon and its possible relation with Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau uplift. doi:10.2204/iodp.sp.346.2013

  • This dataset contains the collated wireline logs, stratigraphy and core analysis of the three boreholes drill as part of the publicly funded Rapid Global Geological Events Project (RGGE) which ran between 1995-1998. The aim of the RGGE project was to identify the effects of climatic changes on modern sediments. The project focused on the Kimmeridge Clay due to its unbroken sequence of fossiliferous marine mudstones. These mudstones have compositional variations in organic content, minerology, fauna and clay content which reflect changes in both the climate and sea level. Over the course of the project the entire sequence of the Kimmeridge Clay was cored across three boreholes, two at Swanworth Quarry and one at Metherhills.