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  • [This dataset is embargoed until March 1, 2024]. Ecosystem productivity data primarily from two forest census plots, NYO-03 and VEN-02, located in the Pastaza-Marañón Basin in Amazonian Peru. Site NYO-03 is a peatland pole forest, and Site VEN-02 is a palm swamp. The aim of the measurements was to estimate and compare rates of litter and root production and decay at the two sites, over a complete annual cycle, in order to understand the dynamics of carbon accumulation in peat in this region. Selected datasets extend to other sites, in order to provide some context for the measurements from NYO-03 and VEN-02. Downcore data from peat cores from the sites provide palaeoecological information. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The dataset contains the radiocarbon age of soil organic matter fractions collected along grassland-to-forest conversion chronosequences across Scotland. Soil samples were collected in summer 2018. In summer 2019, soil samples were fractionated and the radiocarbon age of bulk soil and soil fraction samples determined by accelerator mass spectrometry. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The data comprises of dimensions of large wood pieces and the isotope composition (radiocarbon, stable carbon isotopes) of cellulose extracted from the wood samples. Large Wood (LW) samples were collected from the Mackenzie River delta region, Northwest Territories, Canada, in August 2019 and were analysed at the National Environmental Isotope Facility, UK. The scientific aims were to help constrain the source and age of wood carried by this large river system draining to the Arctic Ocean. Full details about this dataset can be found at