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  • Microseismicity catalogues and fluid injection rate data recorded at the Preston New Road (Lancashire, UK) unconventional shale gas site during and after hydraulic fracturing of the PNR-1z and PNR-2 wells. Homogenised seismic catalogues include events recorded by the combined downhole and surface networks operated by the operator (Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.) and the British Geological Survey. Injection rate values are as initially reported by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. The original datasets were provided by the UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA).

  • The data release includes initial interpretation from test pumping of boreholes at the UK Geoenergy Observatories (UKGEOS) Glasgow facility. This release from the British Geological Survey (BGS) covers a programme of test pumping carried out in ten boreholes in January and February 2020. It contains contractors reports and data sheets, BGS data sheets of data logger and manual dip data in the pumped borehole and in the observation boreholes. Step tests and five hour constant rate tests were performed in nine of the boreholes and a slug (falling/rising/head) test was performed in one borehole. Further details can be found in the accompanying report