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  • This dataset contains tabulated production, consumption and trade data on minerals in the UK together with authoritative commentary on current developments in the minerals industry. Data are supplied from official sources, companies and trade associations. Where data cannot be acquired, estimates are given. In addition to UK (country) data, statistics are also given at planning region level and, for certain minerals, at county level. Units of measurements are tonnes, kilograms or carats, according to commodity. Value is also provided for imports and exports. The information will be of value to all those interested in Britain's minerals. The data captured by BGS spans from 1973 onwards and is updated annually.

  • The British Geological Survey has one of the largest databases in the world on the production and trade of minerals. The dataset contains annual production statistics by mass for more than 70 mineral commodities covering the majority of economically important and internationally-traded minerals, metals and mineral-based materials. For each commodity the annual production statistics are recorded for individual countries, grouped by continent. Import and export statistics are also available for years up to 2002. Maintenance of the database is funded by the Science Budget and output is used by government, private industry and others in support of policy, economic analysis and commercial strategy. As far as possible the production data are compiled from primary, official sources. Quality assurance is maintained by participation in such groups as the International Consultative Group on Non-ferrous Metal Statistics. Individual commodity and country tables are available for sale on request.