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  • This low-resolution image has been produced from BGS airborne and marine magnetic data. The colour was generated using the BGS COLMAP software package. Colour levels are defined by histogram equalisation. Combining this image with the grey shaded relief image produces a similar image to the colour shaded relief image. A published coloured shaded relief map, using the full resolution of the data and produced at a scale of 1: 1500 000, is available. The map covers a larger area than this image, and includes additional data from other sources. The data used to compile this image are available in various forms for academic and commercial licensing. The data from surveys covering the UK mainland have been digitised from their original analogue form. Elsewhere data were acquired digitally. Standard methods of processing were used to remove diurnal and secular variations and to minimise line intersection errors. While efforts have been made to remove artefacts from the data, some may remain between adjacent datasets. Generally anomalies over man-made structures have not been removed. The data have been interpolated onto a 1km x 1km grid using a variable tension technique, and smoothed.

  • Data from the British Geological Survey's GeoIndex Geophysics theme are made available for viewing here. GeoIndex is a website that allows users to search for information about BGS data collections covering the UK and other areas world wide. Access is free, the interface is easy to use, and it has been developed to enable users to check coverage of different types of data and find out some background information about the data. More detailed information can be obtained by further enquiry via the web site: