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  • Binary presence/absence of ichnotaxa and lamination from the Pliensbachian of the Llanbedr (Mochras Farm) borehole, Wales, together with a summary of runs tests from the same dataset. Used as basis for cyclostratigraphic analysis. Data are at an even 10 cm resolution from 865.0 m depth to 1284.0 m depth in the borehole. Ichnotaxa included are Phycosiphon, Thalassinoides, and Schaubcylindrichnus. Data may be useful for cyclostratigraphic reanalysis. Dataset comprises supplementary files from Pienkowski, G., Uchman, A., Ninard, K., Hesselbo, S.P. 2021. Ichnology, sedimentology, and orbital cycles in the hemipelagic Early Jurassic Laurasian Seaway (Pliensbachian, Cardigan Bay Basin, UK). Global and Planetary Change, publ. date 1st Dec 2021

  • Annual lamina thickness (microns), lamina count, and age model (Ma, years) for the Early Pleistocene (Lines 1 and 2) and early Holocene speleothems from Buffalo Cave, South Africa. The samples, methods and results are described in full in: Hopley, P. J. et al. (2018) Orbital precession modulates interannual rainfall variability, as recorded in an Early Pleistocene speleothem. Geology. DOI:10.1130/G45019.1