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  • This dataset includes the KNMI EC-EARTH2 model output prepared for SPECS (1919-1949). These data were prepared by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), as part of the SPECS project. Model id is EC-EARTH2 (EC-EARTH2 v2.3 official release from ECMWF), frequency is 6 hourly, daily and monthly. 6-hourly Atmospheric variables are: clt psl tas tdps uas vas Daily Atmospheric variables are: pr rls rlut rsds tasmax tasmin Monthly atmos variables: al hfls pr rls rsds snld tas tasmin uas zg clt hfss psl rlut rss ta tasmax tdps vas Monthly ocean variables: mlotst msftmyz msftmyza sos thetao tos uo vo wo zos Monthly seaIce variables: sic sit snd tsice usi vsi