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  • This dataset contains bed, surface elevation and ice thickness measurements from the Recovery/Slessor/Bailey Region, East Antarctica. Radar data was collected using the 150MHz PASIN radar echo sounding system (Corr et al., 2007) deployed on a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Twin Otter during the ICEGRAV-2013 airborne geophysics campaign (Forsberg et al., 2018). Data is identified by flight and are available in both Geosoft database (.gdb) and ASCII file formats (.xyz).

  • This dataset includes ice velocity and ice front position data presented in the published paper by Miles et al. (2021): ''Recent acceleration of Denman Glacier (1972-2017), East Antarctica, driven by grounding line retreat and changes in ice tongue configuration''. The dataset includes ice front position shapefiles of the Denman Ice Tongue from 1962 to 2018, ice velocity data from 1972-74 and 1989, and the coordinates of transect A-AA used in the figure 3 in Miles et al. (2021). This research was funded by NERC standard grant NE/R000824/1.