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  • Sequence data from blood samples, taken from a wild population of long-lived birds (mute swans; Cygnus olor) that has experienced three outbreaks of related H5 HPAIVs in the past decade, specifically, H5N1 (2007), H5N8 (2016) and H5N6 (2017). Detailed demographic data were available and intense sampling was conducted before and after the outbreaks. This data is NERC-funded but not held by the EIDC. This data is archived in NCBI Genbank at with accession numbers MH819084 to MH819175 (inclusive)

  • The dataset comprises counts of ten waterfowl species collected from Loch Leven from 1968-2007 by staff at Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and its predecessor bodies (Nature Conservancy), as part of their long-term monitoring programme of the lake. Counts are for the whole loch and represent an annual peak count based on the monthly counts recorded from September (of the year indicated) through to March (of the following year). Full details about this dataset can be found at