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  • Supplementary material and link to published paper - Colluvium Supply in Humid Regions limits the Frequency of storm-triggered Landslides. DOI:10.1038/srep34438 Colluvium depth observations measured in the apexes of colluvial hollows in Macon County, North Carolina. Colluvium depths were measured using a soil tile probe (STD>0) and in pits excavated to bedrock (STD=0). Hollow axis gradient and hollow concavity were measured from a 6 m LiDAR derived DEM. Citation: PARKER, R. N., HALES, T. C., MUDD, S. M., GRIEVE, S. W. D. & CONSTANTINE, J. A. 2016. Colluvium supply in humid regions limits the frequency of storm-triggered landslides. Scientific Reports, 6, 34438.