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  • Chemical composition of 18 ion adsorption deposits (lateritic soils) from Ambohimirahavavy alkaline province, North West Madagascar as part of NERC funded SoS RARE in 2016. Samples collected from pits at depths down to 6.5m below surface. Details of samples in dataset “Sample list for the SoS RARE project” ( ). Chemical composition of biological and chemical leachates from one Madagascan sample. Time series covers 60 days leaching during 2016 and results are in mg/kg of original material. Biological leaching agents: Aspergillus sp. And Bacillus sp. Inoculum and natural community and chemical leaching agent: ammonium sulphate. Details of experimental procedure in Experiments conducted at the British Geological Survey to assess suitability of bioleaching as a more sustainable alternative to chemical leaching of rare earth elements from ion adsorption deposits.

  • Data from experiments on rare earth element leaching from ion adsorption deposits. Columns experiments of leaching from a Madagascar ion-adsorption soil. Six soil columns for two deposit types with different starting/operational conditions. Data reported are the volume, pH and conductivity, and the molar concentrations of each eluate fraction for the metals, ammonia and Cl. SOS - NERC Security of Supply of Mineral (SoS) Resources programme