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  • The HADRT2.1s data are global monthly fields of radiosonde temperature anomalies at standard pressure levels on a 5 degree latitude by 10 degree longitude grid from 1958 to July 2004. Anomalies are calculated with respect to 1971-1990 climatology. Anomalies are available for 9 standard levels (850, 700, 500, 300, 200, 150, 100, 50, 30hPa) as well as tropospheric (850 - 300hPa) and stratospheric (150 - 30hPa) averages. The data are degree Celsius anomalies from 1970-1990 means. Anomalies are calculated for each of about 200 sonde stations worldwide and grid values derived from these. HADRT2.1s is a combination of HadRT2.0 in the troposphere (up to and including 200hPa) and HadRT2.1 in the stratosphere (above 200hPa). This dataset has been superseded by the HadAT dataset also available from CEDA.