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  • This database stores down-hole stratigraphic data to complement the seismic surface picks stored in the Seismic Locations And Sections Database (LOCSEC). Because these surfaces are chosen for their visibility on seismic data, they may not be directly equivalent to established BGS lithostratigraphic and/or choronstratigraphic divisions. However, the local coding system is based on and can relate to the BGS stratigraphic LEXICON. Stratigraphic picks are stored in terms of depth and seismic one-way travel time. Local borehole summary information (location, elevation, etc.) is used because both onshore and offshore boreholes are stored in this database. These data can be related to the BGS onshore borehole database by borehole registration, and to the offshore well database by DTI well-id. Additional tables (under development) provide information on hydrocarbon tests and their results. Almost all data are within the UK Onshore area; although there are some UK near-shore and offshore (North Sea, Irish Sea).