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  • The data set provides calving front locations of major outlet glaciers of the Greenland Ice Sheet from SAR data from various sensors, produced as part of the ESA Greenland Ice Sheets Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project. Version 1.1 of the dataset has been updated to include information from Sentinel 1 data. The Calving Front Location (CFL) of outlet glaciers from ice sheets is a basic parameter for ice dynamic modelling, for computing the mass fluxes at the calving gate, and for mapping glacier area change. From the ice velocity at the calving front and the time sequence of Calving Front Locations the iceberg calving rate can be computed which is of relevance for estimating the export of ice mass to the ocean. The calving front location has been derived by manual delineation based on SAR or optical satellite data. The CFL product is a collection of ESRI shapefile in latitude and longitude, on WGS84 projection. The basic data are vector line files (not polygons).