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  • Data deposited are connected to paper "Investigating the use of 3-D full-waveform inversion to characterize the host rock at a geological disposal site" by H.L.M. Bentham, J.V. Morgan and D.A. Angus, in Geophysical Journal International, The geological model consists of fractured granite host rock (depth: 800 - 1200 m) with an Excavated disturbed Zone (EdZ) that could be formed through constructing the tunnels. In addition to the host rock, the model contains sedimentary overburden (depth: 0 - 800 m) and a fractured granite bed rock (depth: 1200 - 2000 m). Seismic velocities and rock properties were assigned through analogues e.g. Olkiluoto, Finland. Full data description and method found in Bentham et al. (2018). Data deposited are for Case 1 (no tunnels) and Case 3 (with multiple tunnels). For each case, the following 3D volumes are available: * Seismic data * True velocity model (used to generate seismic data) * Starting velocity model for full-waveform inversion Additionally, the following ASCII files are available to aid the use of the seismic and velocity models: * Locations of sources at surface (Case 1, 2 and 3 except where survey area is reduced [see GJI article]) * Locations of receivers at surface and below tunnels (Case 1, 2 and 3) * Locations of receiver at surface and above and below tunnels (Case 3 only)