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  • Grant: ACT ELEGANCY, Project No 271498. Medical CT scans for drainage multiphase flow through carbonate rock cores. The steady state drainage multiphase flow at elevated pressure using nitrogen and DI water, are carried out for three heterogeneous carbonate rocks to characterize the impact of heterogeneity on flow. Core Floods are performed on three carbonate rocks namely, Indiana limestone, Estaillades limestone and Edwards dolomites. Experiments are carried out using medical CT scanner and N2-water fluid system at high pressure. Drainage core floods are carried out by varying nitrogen fractional flow rates from 0 to 1. Residual trapping is obtained at the end of drainage cycle by water flooding of the core. These rocks are from three difference quarries. Indiana carbonate is from Salem Formation located in Indian, USA. Estaillades limestone is from Oppède quarry, France. Edwards dolomite is from Texas, USA. The data set contain medical CT Dry scans, nitrogen scans , water scans and scans at varying fractional flow of nitrogen; 1 readme file; 1 excel file; 27 zip files.

  • Raw CT scan data for the following taxa (Euparkeria, Scelidosaurus, Lesothosaurus, Hypsilophodon, Herrerasaurus, Adeopapposaurus, Leyesaurus, Pantydraco, Heterodontosaurus, Coelphysis, Columba, Uromastyx), deposited as either .tif stacks or .dicom stacks, together with .vol files. CT reconstructions for each of these provided as .stls and in other file formats and also all files associated with the generation of Finite Element Models for each of these taxa. Reference photographs of specimens also provided where relevant. Scans and models are arranged in folders by taxon on a hard drive, accompanied by a Read Me file giving full details.