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  • This model code for object oriented data analysis of surface motion time series in peatland landscapes provides the procedure to assess peatland condition using object oriented data analysis. The model code assesses peatland condition according to which cluster each surface motion time series is assigned, based on key measures capturing differences between the time series. It can be run on any machine with R. Full details about this application can be found at

  • This dataset consists of survival and heights of trees planted for forest restoration in South and Southeast Asia and the associated analytical code. The data consists of tree censuses collated from published studies, grey literature and data provided by co-authors, up to/including May 2021. Data are collated from 176 sites in areas where disturbance or clearance of the natural forest had occurred and where trees were then planted and monitored over time. The analyses included here model height growth, extract annual size-standardised growth rates and test the effects of biophysical and climatic conditions and planting regimes on survival and growth. This dataset was created to represent the current state of knowledge on forest restoration outcomes in South and Southeast Asia. This is the full dataset for the survival and height analysis. Full details about this dataset can be found at