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  • All paleointensity data gathered from the project at University of Liverpool. The data is divided into multiple four letter coded sections which refer to a specific locality and/or experiment type. The sections are as follows: CFEH - Thermal paleointensity experiment on natural clinkers from Montana, USA, looking primarily at the Epsilon Hematite phase, with an additional high-power alternating field demagnetisation step after each infield step of the experiment. LPRM - volcanic material from Kinghorn and Wormit Bay, Scotland (335 and 410 million years old). This was a specific experiment with samples given a prior high temperature applied field of 80 micro Tesla and a pressure remanent magnetisation of 80 micro Tesla. VFSS – a microwave paleointensity experiment carried out on Scottish vitrified fort material, sampled in the 1980s. WTBY – microwave paleointensity experiments carried out on Scottish volcanics from Wormit Bay. Sampled September 2015. YDSR – volcanics from Yandiniling Dike Swarm, in Yilgarn Craton, Australia, 2.6 billion years old. Sampled Nov 2018. Sampled with Yebo Li from the University of Curtin (Perth) as part of a collaboration, resampling of 16WDS sites from his palaeodirections paper. These were microwave demagnetisation (specimen orientation only) and paleointensities. NERC grant NE/P00170X/1.