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  • The data contains details about plant species, trees, shrubs and soils, collected using standardized survey methods from within a selection of 48 semi-natural woodlands in the English Lake District. Nearly 300 plots were surveyed from sites across the north west of England, selected objectively from different woodland group types identified in the Lake District. The survey was carried out by the Nature Conservancy in 1969. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • Added value microfossil analyses carried out on material from the British Continental shelf are included. Sample number, borehole details, locality and geological information are given together with microfossil identification. The identification logging sheets are housed in box files. Symbols included: CSA1-2205 Continental Shelf Unit North; CSB1-6047 Continental Shelf Unit South; CSC1-7134 Offshore microfossils; CSD1-507 Offshore microfossils; CSE1-6826 Offshore microfossils (incidental and occasional macrofossil data are included). The raw data is held in CONTSHELFRAW and the interpretative reports relating to the microfossils are held elsewhere (TECHREPORTS).

  • BGS has drilled almost 600 boreholes to prove seismic interpretations of the marine Quaternary geology and bedrock from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The collection also includes additional third party data and has assisted in the creation of BGS Marine Geology Maps. The boreholes penetrate beneath the sea bed to depths ranging from about 10m to over 300m depending on the target depth or technical problems associated with drilling the borehole. The data includes descriptive geological core logs and data which has been captured from these and in some cases natural gamma logs. A variety of analyses has been conducted on the core material such as Particle Size Analysis, micropalaeontological, geotechnical, palaeomagnetic and age dating. Core material are managed as part of the BGS Materials collection and are available for examination and subsampling. The data are stored as part of the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) and the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) Data Archive Centre (DAC) for Geology and Geophysics. Data are delivered via the BGS Offshore GeoIndex The activity and scan layers contains location information, metadata and links to scanned borehole logs, and the geological data layers contain observations and/or measurements as digital values. The data are applicable to a wide range of uses including environmental, geotechnical and geological studies. Reference: Fannin, NGT. (1989) Offshore Investigations 1966-87 British Geological Survey Technical Report WB/89/02, British Geological Survey.

  • A list of the laboratory reports produced from testing in the engineering geology laboratory. It includes report number, title and author's name(s). The reports themselves contain data on a wide range of geotechnical and geophysical laboratory tests, from standard and index tests to complex research. Test materials are highly varied, soils and rock, from the UK or overseas.