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NERC Data Policy

The NERC Data Policy details our commitment to support the long-term management of data.

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Data Catalogue Service (DCS)

Monitoring Earth from space
Monitoring Earth from space

The Earth changes constantly and understanding the past plays an important role in the prediction of future change. The data collected by NERC provide a unique and irreplaceable environmental record.

The NERC Data Centres are responsible, in accordance with the NERC Data Policy, for preserving NERC's data for the long term and for providing access to it as needed.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly
A small tortoiseshell butterfly

How can I find NERC's data?

The DCS allows you to search a catalogue of metadata (information describing data) to discover and gain access to NERC's data holdings and information products. The metadata are prepared to a common NERC Metadata Standard and are provided to the catalogue by the Data Centres.


What can I do and get from the DCS?

You can interrogate the catalogue in the way that best fits your needs. You can find records of interest by searching for specific words or phrases, and/or a particular time or place. You can build complex text searches, targeting specific metadata fields or search the records as a whole.

The abstracts that are displayed alongside the results of your search will allow you to identify which records to investigate further. We also indicate which records carry a link to an online resource. The full details of each record can be viewed, including any conditions that apply to access and use. You can also download a copy of the metadata record in a variety of different metadata standards.

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